OOne World. One Race. Many beautifully different people.ur Home Page proclaims our POV about “oneness” and “beautiful differences” and states that we are here to celebrate our sameness and uniqueness, to dispel ignorance, nurture tolerance, and to educate. That’s a pretty bold, broad proclamation and statement !

In more detail, the key elements of our purpose/mission are to:

  • Combat ignorance and fear which feed racism, and other forms of hatred, with education.
  • Provide education by communication, outreach, events, experiences, and creating a forum for sharing stories and views.
  • Celebrate ONE human race, one world, our human commonality, and revel in our individuality, our uniqueness, and our beautiful differences.
  • Nurture comfort and familiarity with those who are different from us, building tolerance and acceptance, to allow awareness and enjoyment of our simultaneous sameness and difference.
  • Create a more positive, and inclusive political, cultural, spiritual global discourse, a more humanitarian, tolerant environment, in which our differences are seen only as our unique, beautiful features and identity, not a measure of our worth.

But WHY have we set out to do this; what inspired us to launch this non-profit organization we are (in-progress) forming, and why NOW?  

Unfortunately, there have been far too many inspirations and motivations for launching Beautifully Different, first as an idea, then a personal passion, finally as the mission of a non-profit organization. If all world citizens and leaders were now celebrating each other’s sameness, and uniqueness without prejudice, there would be no need for us to launch.  But with the bitter, ugly, formerly hidden hate on fully display these days, with violence increasing, something had to be done.


Perhaps the most significant single reason to launch the Beautifully Different organization, is that so many good people are becoming jaded, inured to the hateful words and acts that seem to be increasing in frequency, largely because they don’t know what to do about it. Posting on social media is useless after a while, especially since the platforms (Facebook notably) are using algorithms to adjust/filter what you see. Voting for new leaders doesn’t work if you don’t like the candidates you are able to choose from, and often there is political stalemate between opposing parties, and little or nothing gets done. Or not enough. And there are many who feel forces (mostly desire for money and power) and vast conspiracies, are behind, underlying what’s going on out there, which we/they are powerless to change. There is a sense that we can only watch as the horrors and hate continue…


Our organization’s purpose is to create a gathering place, a rallying point, from which we can fight the good fight, the beautifully different battle.

We are not talking about violence — it’s not a battle in a traditional war — it’s fighting for what’s right and good, fighting ignorance and fear with education, fighting darkness with light, fighting hate with love.

Many good people have said these and similar words throughout history, and many good people have spoken and echoed these words recently, in response to the hate and atrocities going on.

We think this is the right time (no time like the present, right?), and the best way to DO SOMETHING, and give people place to gather, rally, and work together to fight back.

Email info@beautifullydifferent.org or info@beautdiff.com to learn more.

More to come…and it will be great!