This is the multi-cultural rap we found today–and love–written by poet, author, musician Omar Musa, performed with his collaborators…

After a little research, we found that Omar Musa is known primarily for writing in a street-style called “Slam Poetry” which he delivers on paper, online, on stage, in music; any form or forum he can use to spread his message.

Omar Musa is beautifully different; his work confronts and comments on racism, and other forms of hate. For these reasons, we are posting about him here, to support his work and spread his message.

Here is Omar Musa’s website:

Here is Omar Musa performing his poetry and speaking for a TEDx presentation in Sydney…

Here is the article on Huffington Post, which brought Omar Musa to our attention:

One race. One world. Many beautifully different people.




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