Another personal post – this one from my street photography blog “OverHerd-OverScene” – which formed the emotional, experiential basis for me to launch Beautifully Different. At a political rally, I was immersed in (and enjoyed) a remarkable diversity, a passionate crowd of unique people with one purpose, and many beautiful differences.

OverHerd & OverScene

On April 16, 2016, I was pleasantly surprised, caught up, and swept along by a march and rally supporting Bernie Sanders for POTUS in New York City (Manhattan). I took pictures of the event from my “OHOS”  (OverHerd-OverScene / OverHeard-OverSeen) blog persona/POV, and tried to capture as much as I could of the passion and excitement of his supporters.

IMG_3631The event had two parts: the march up Lafayette Street / 4th Avenue (images posted previously), and the rally/gathering in Union Square Park. This post, published several weeks after the event, but still interesting and relevant, has a gallery of my images from the rally only. That day, Union Square Park was simultaneously host to both the usual Union Square Greenmarket  (farmer’s market) at the north end of the park, as well as the diverse, passionate people with their colorful clothes, and clever signs, supporting the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders, at the…

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